How to over come stage fear

Stage fear is a common thing among students nowadays days all have a lot of ideas and innovative thoughts in their minds but they are not ready to share those.

Because of the stage fear.

Now we will discuss this thing in terminology what we know

What is the reason behind stage fear?

As per my knowledge, the main reason behind stage fear is overthinking. We will always think that if we say anything wrong or else we are not good at communication.

What the overs will think in this way we create a trauma in our mind right.

One more reason is shyness if we aren’t able to deliver the content comfortably when we are in front of the girls.

To overcome this think once if you are not giving the presentation someone will give and he will get the benefits for which you are more eligible than him.

If you don’t open your mouth in time to open the mouth youn’t get the proper job also you will feel like you are one in the group.

If you start speaking then you will become you are one for the group just think once which will be better.

Create a Comfortable circle

Just think once you are comfortable with the whole class then you will be comfortable delivering the speech right.

But it’s not possible to be comfortable with the whole class so create your friend circle. That circle always motivate you and it will boost your confidence to do things.

If your friends are so supportive and encouraging means if anyone tries to make comments on you they will take care of them right. And they will guide you on how to deliver a good speech.

Act like an extrovert on social media

If you act like an extrovert then all will have no idea what type of guy you are they won’t keep any expectations of you because you are already posting everything on social media right

Extrovert means you don’t want to talk with all people comfortably we have so many social media platforms that use those platforms as mediums to explore ourselves.

I think it is an easy task to explore ourselves on social media platforms. If it was not your habit also no problem just post whatever comes into your mind

Because no one will go to ask you because it’s your account and it’s your life just show others more than what you have

Always tell more things than how you need to be but tell like all these things happened in my life.

Tyr to ejaculate more about yourself.

Try to Make Eye contact

when you are delivering something first you need to make eye contact with the people who are listening to your presentation

If your eyes are seeing the earth then no one shows much interest to listen to your presentation

Eye contact is very important to grab attention we will get fear of making eye contact with strangers right

So try to make eye contact with friends only it will be comfortable for you to make eye contact with your friend because you are talking to him daily by making eye contact itself right

After some time when you thought you had some confidence to deliver frequently then try to make eye contact with everyone

At the start itself don’t try to make eye contact with the girls if you do this you can’t deliver what content is in your mind

Show your Enthusiasm

if any person in your surroundings is going to do a work and going to present something regarding the subject you love most

Then show your enthusiasm towards that subject or the work which he was going to do then he will get an idea how active you are in this work

If you show your enthusiasm to others it will create a space that space is sometime comfortable space you talk to them very freely like your neighbour

Because he already knows how eagerly you are waiting to do this work with him. He introduces you to other people and he will give the elevations to you.

At that time a tough task will be on your head you need to meet the expectations that they keep on you but you can deliver the speech that you can deliver because

Already he gave some hype to you so if you act like some smart guy only they will agree with the guy who introduced you to them.

But that will give you confidence from the inside to deliver the best you won’t think about the stage fear or think just the only one thing that you will think is to how to reach those guys’ expectations that’s it.


I tried something what I have seen and what I have faced in my life hope this will help you to overcome your stage fear






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