How to develop Maturity

Maturity differs according to the situation. When you are with a girl that type of maturity is different when it comes to work that type of maturity is different Maturity means nothing but the knowledge that you have gained through your experience this is the real meaning of maturity But nowadays we fixed blindly in … Read more


PROBLEMS IN B-TECH:- How the B-Tech Faculties are going to Play With Our Lives. If you have not joined B-Tech yet, then definitely it will be useful for you. Now we will see in how many ways there are going to play with us on campus and what problems in B-Tech are faced by the … Read more

Masturbation Side-effects

Side Effects of Masturbation

My Personal Experience with Masturbation Side Effects: I’m not a doctor or anything related to the medical field just I’m here to share the side effects that I faced due to masturbation. All the doctors and YouTube channels say that masturbation is a health process if it is that healthy process why the doubts arise … Read more