How to do Marketing in Telegram

We all know what is the meaning of the term marketing right now will see how can do the marketing in the telegram

We all know how the influencers and the meme pages promote the brands and the remaining things and you all know how the marketing will be done on Instagram.

Now we will see how it happens in the Telegram

There are so many ways to do marketing in the telegram now we see the easiest ways which are in usage nowadays

Approaching channel owners

We all know that there are many channels in the telegram like movies, betting etc. Have you ever thought about why they are maintaining channels and what is the use of those channels?

Actually, they will maintain the channels to gather all the audience to a place then they will get the paid promotion requests.

If you need to promote a thing or Channel or Website whatever it may be first you need the approach the admin of the channel.

We can’t find the admin in Telegram easily so we need to find the same Insta page which is the name of the channel then we can easily get the Telegram ID of the admin then we can negotiate for the promotion

Approaching Bots

We all know that Telegram is very famous for bots but they are not mad at creating a bot and giving free services to the people right

First, they will attract people with their bots and start marketing in the bots

If you need to promote in the you need to approach the admin of the bot.

But to approach the admin of the bot is somehow different we can’t approach the admin directly first we need to send the message request to the admin bot or the channel bot whatever name that he had put to the bot.

If the admin like to promote your channel then only you will get a reply we didn’t know whether he read the message or not

Through Groups

There are a lot of public groups in the telegram we need to join the public groups in the telegram.

We need to send the message in the group regarding your promoting item you need to do the same thing in all the public groups which you have joined

It’s like how some accounts on Instagram promote their channel in the comment section of the trending post or the celebrity’s post

The main motive for doing this is we need to reach more people with our content

How the marketing price will be in telegram

There are two types of payment for the telegram If you are promoting the channels the payment will be considered in another manner

If you are promoting any website or product the cost will be in another manner

First, we will see how the cost will be if we promote the channels

Cost of promoting channels

If we need the channel promotion the price will be based on the members

You will pay the channel owner according to the no of people who joined in your channel because of the promotion in simple terms we can say we will pay per head

But the cost price per head you need to do the negotiation with the channel owner.

Mostly the betting apps and the other channels will offer this type of promotion to the channel owners it is cost-friendly to the customer.

Cost of promoting products

It is somehow similar to the above one but in this we can’t pay money per head

If you contact a channel admin who has more than ten channels he will ask you how many channels you need to promotion

Based on the members in the channels the price will change.

If you need the promotion in all channels means the price will be high if you need it in only one channel means the price will be low

But they are not responsible if your product doesn’t reach the audience as much as you expected just they will promote the product if the followers have an interest regarding that they will check out otherwise they won’t.

So you need to select the channel according to your niche.

Advantages of Telegram promotion

1. It will reach to a larger audience In a short amount of  time

2. Automatically followers show interest in clicking on the link

3. it’s like the word of mouth

4. We can see the progress in the short time

5. Easy to promote the content

Disadvantages of Telegram promotion

1. Don’t know whether the customer has seen it or not

2. Hard to get customers if you promoted different niche

3. Approaching the admin is time time-consuming process

4.  Sometimes the cost will be more.

5. Customer will consume due to joining of more channels.


These are the major things that are happening in the telegram

I have to promote any channels and or apps regarding the link shorteners telegram is the best place for the promotion




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