Useful Telegram bots

Bots are also called AI because they also work like AI. By using the bots we can make our work easier.

Nowadays so many people don’t know how to use the bot there are a lot of advantages to using bots

Now here we will see some useful bots that are helping us to make our work easier

Link converter bot

This is the main bot for the people who are earning through the link shorteners. People can convert the other’s link into their link by just forwarding those links to the bot

We all have seen in some of the channels they send nearly 50-60 links at a time did you have doubts about how they are sharing these many videos at a time?

It’s all possible because of this specific bot. if this bot is not there then the video count will be decreased in the channels.

Mainly in the movie channels they won’t upload the movies directly they will upload the file only in one quality.

Deals bot

We all have seen that in the top channels that we are using for shopping purposes, they will immediately send the link if the rate is decreased.

Do you know how it is possible? Do you think they can find the product which was rate decreased? Humans can’t find that so we are using the bot

We can select the niche in that then the bot automatically sends the details to our channel if the price falls. But we need to pay some money to this bot.

Money is based on your members in the channel. If you have more members you need to pay more money if you have fewer members you need to pay less money

But in some bots, money is the same for everyone.

Join Hider bot

This is the best bot which can help you to delete the member joined notification from the group

If you have the group in the telegram then definitely you will have the problem that the member joined notification will be a big trouble for your content

you can’t delete the notification at any time right because of this our content will be in some trouble so search join hider bot in the telegram then it will automatically delete the joined notification.

This will help you to run a successful group.

The auto request accepts bot

This bot is especially useful for private groups because if your group is private then it will become a tough task to accept the request of every follower at a time.

If you have more than 400 requests at a time then you can’t accept all requests so if you add this bot to your group then it will accept all the requests at the time when the follower sends the request it will automatically accept the request.

Followers didn’t have the same mood at all the time right so when they are in mood we need to give access to the group. So this is a very useful bot that gets more reach for the channel or group.

Drop mail bot

This bot is useful for creating temporary mail to get rid of spam mail we can use fake mail by using this bot they will also provide the OTP sent by the website or the app.

Some websites will identify this bot it won’t allow access to this mail but some of the websites give access to this mail.

So definitely it will be a good fake mail bot.

Background remover bot

We don’t want to install a lot of apps to remove the background of our image just we need to upload the image in this bot that’s it.

Then it will remove the background and send it back to you with the same quality

Photo to pdf bot

This is also a bot to convert the photos into images install more apps and use more websites to convert them into the pdf.

Now we do need all those apps or websites just send all the photos to this bot and it will convert it into a PDF and it will send it back to you

Group Help bot

Every time we can’t monitor what’s happening in our group anyone can send vulgar messages and other unuseful content we can’t see all the time right?

So if you add your requirements to your group it will take care of your group

It also won’t allow to add the bots to the group members only the admin can add the bots.

This will protect your group for a long time.

Still, there are so many bots but if you need to start a channel or group in the telegram I think these bots are more than enough

If you need all the bots I will do another blog

Still, there are some bots which is helpful for us to open the link very Fastly there are some bots I will do a separate blog In-depth to know how to get the telegram reach








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