Masturbation Side-effects

My Personal Experience with Masturbation Side Effects:

Side Effects of Masturbation
Side Effects of Masturbation

I’m not a doctor or anything related to the medical field just I’m here to share the side effects that I faced due to masturbation. All the doctors and YouTube channels say that masturbation is a health process if it is that healthy process why the doubts arise in our minds, we will eat rice daily without any doubts because we know that it is good and improves our health, that confidence why we are not getting in this process the person who faced the problems with this only knows the pain I’m the one of the person in the club whose faced the side effects due to this. If you don’t agree with me then you can move back to your work now.

Side-effects of Masturbation:


 Hair-fall due to Masturbation
Hair fall due to Masturbation


I think all people will have this doubt if we masturbate daily is there a chance of getting hair-fall means yes is there a chance, you can ask me how you are telling with that much confident experience teach you a lot of things right, I strongly believe experience teach you more than books, But don’t worry it was not common for all the people it depends upon the jeans if any of your ancestors have bald means there is a chance for the hair-fall.


Pimples due to Masturbation
Pimples due to Masturbation

A lot of people strongly believe that if we masturbate daily we will get pimples how it was true but too completely because it is based on your DNA and skin type and the main thing is age if you are in the age of adolescence then there is a lot of chances to get the pimples you get the more pimples then your face is filly filled pimples not charm so don’t masturbate more in that age. If you are above 19 then there is a chance to get pimples so beware of that, some people won’t get any pimples on their face if they masturbate daily also because it is based on their skin type and DNA (jeans).

Penis Pain:

Penis pain due to Masturbation
Penis pain due to Masturbation

if you masturbate 3-4 times a day then you can feel this type of pain, if you repeat the same thing daily means then there is a chance you can feel that you are not suitable for managing yourself and will get this type of feel because the penis is in that type of pain more so avoid the masturbation daily twice in a month is very healthy.

Sexual Feelings:

If you masturbate daily then there is a chance to lose sexual feelings. You will become an introvert due to this habit if you stop it then definitely there is a chance to overcome the introverted character.

Loose of Confidence:

Loose of confidence
Loose of confidence

You will lose your confidence when you are trying to interact with a girl then you can’t make eye contact properly, there is a chance you can become a lonely person, if you lose you’re confidence automatically you will lose your character right, so don’t give that chance to yourself beware of that.

Bad Sight:

Bad sight means nothing but the way you see others, the way you treat others definitely will change because always those weird feelings run in your mindset you can’t treat anyone like they belong to you, and sometimes these feelings lead to a lot of dangerous activities so be careful and there is a chance to lose your eye-sight, so be careful.

Loss of Vision:

Loss of Vision
Loss of Vision

There is a chance to lose vision in your eye because you will lose many useful vitamins and proteins when you are masturbation so be careful and remember that in your mind there is a chance of loss of vision. After that you need to wear spectacles then no one girl dares to see you our beauty is more than enough at normal times if you wear spectacles then definitely no one will dare to see you so think once when you masturbate is it necessary for just 5sec enjoyment we need to loss our vision.

Advantages Of Masturbate:

Feels Free:

At night time so many people struggle to get sleep right at that moment if u do this then definitely you can see heaven and you won’t get good sleep, I’m also following the same old technique if I don’t get sleep, I hope it will also work for you.

Increase Concentration after masturbation:

A lot of peoples says that masturbation will increase concentration yaa it will increase concentration on girls not on the thing that you are trying to concentrate so don’t believe all those words just try to change your state of mind to get the concentration.


It is the only thing that I felt, really man you will see heaven at that time trust you will get stress relief, you don’t need any tablets or any other costly treatments for stress or tension just room and a mobile phone with data is enough to get rid from the stress.

Enhance your partner’s feelings:

With this, you can improve your partner’s feelings with your weird thoughts because you will get a lot of virtual experience after seeing that many videos, so I can surely say that you can improve your partner’s feelings and you can show heaven to them only in that particular chapter.

New Thoughts after masturbation:

After masturbation, your mind is in a state of heaven so there are a lot of chances to get new ideas and innovative thoughts if you want to do anything if you are facing fear then it will help you to get out from the stage of fear, If you leave the fear then for sure you will get the never before ever after ideas.


It’s my personal experience report I already told you at the starting that I’m not related to any medical department but I have a lot of experience in this and also i faced a lot of problems with this just I’m sharing my view and the side effects which I got.


I hope it will help you.


THANK YOU………!!!!!!!!!!!





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