PROBLEMS IN B-TECH:- How the B-Tech Faculties are going to Play With Our Lives.

If you have not joined B-Tech yet, then definitely it will be useful for you.

Now we will see in how many ways there are going to play with us on campus and what problems in B-Tech are faced by the students.

1. Dog Belt (Identity Card)

2. Attendance 

3. Labs 

4. Record Correction

5. Internals 

6. Paper Correction

7. Seminar

8. Exams

These are the main ways to torture us there are still lots of ways but no problem we will cover all those things in this let start our torture discussion with a dog belt.

Dog Belt

I think some of the students know why I’m calling it a dog belt if you don’t know no worries, we will discuss it here when you are studying intermediate in some of the collages, we didn’t have mainly in the collages like Parayana and Free Chaitanya the corporate monsters of the Telugu states. When you entered into the B-Tech if you didn’t have ID no mercy in that matter you were not allowed into the campus. If you go anywhere on campus, they will ask only one question where is your belt sorry ID? Sometimes your ID will give you the power.

Attendance problems in B-Tech

Haha, this is the main reason why all students are attending the class if there is no attendance, I think no one will attend the class. You need to maintain 75% attendance then only you are eligible to write the exams. Otherwise, you are not eligible to write the exams and you need to face a lot of problems. This is the major part where the faculty will play with the students. If you are making any noise in the class, they won’t beat you they won’t scold you they won’t take any action just will mark you as absent that’s it they won’t inform you also when marked absent. If you did any overaction absent, if you didn’t complete the given work absent if you are sleeping in the class absent. Absent, absent, absent is the only word that creates a fear in our spine.

Lab problems in B-Tech

Lab problems

They will show you the horror movie in this session. They will complete their explanation within 5 minutes and they will advise you to start doing the lab believe me the faculty itself doesn’t know what he explained. But he will order you to complete the lab session within 20 minutes and to show your observation and record don’t dare to ask doubts because if you ask questions that they don’t know they will corner you. They will feel like it was an insult to them, and their ego will get hurt.

If you don’t believe me, I will tell you a story which I have seen with my own eyes.

I have a friend his name is Ram he is one of the finest students in our college if he has any doubts he won’t hesitate to ask the doubt I think this quality may help his more to stand at the top, One day we will be at Physics lab our faculty is explaining about IR Spectroscopy we won’t listen to anything right because will all have the finest friend like Ram in our collage so we didn’t dare to listen just we will shake our heads. Suddenly my friend started asking doubts faculty person to clarify 3 or 4 doubts but he was not satisfied with those he continuously asked the doubts near us there were a lot of our classmates both boys and girls and a lab faculty her name was Tara she was the one of the pretty call faculty in our campus my friend killed his honor Infront of her i think so that’s the reason my the faculty person started showing torture to my friend.

So please dare to do such stupid things as like friend who failed his lab exam and still was attending the exam with our juniors I have seen many times praising the faculty for anything to make him pass but they won’t do the same thing again so be careful in labs.

Record Correction

problems in B-Tech

One of the funny things and the serious thing in our B-Tech. The correction will happen according to the mood swings of the faculty if they are in a good mood, they won’t ask you anything just they will work like a toy tick, tick, tick that’s it. If they are angry that’s it doesn’t provoke you to correct because you know that I wrote all the things perfectly so I can go you will have this type of confidence haha after going there only you know how many mistakes you made If you not mentioned date is enough to strike all the Record so be careful man. So, the faculty there is not interested in correcting your record until the day before the exam until then they will use you like a servant you need to face all these things in B-Tech. Girls do not need to worry about correction they will confirm get correction before the deadline without any effort.

Internal Marks

Only for these 40 marks we are acting like a decent boy In front of the faculty in some Universities, they will keep the mid-exams and unit tests for the internal marks. That correction would occur very strictly especially for your paper if you did any overaction, try to act smart if you don’t know anything also. If you have the internal marks, you can clear your arrears in four years if you didn’t have the internal marks then it was a tough task for you to clear the exam. To get passing marks in subjects like mathematics without internals is not possible at any cost. If you are a topper in your intermediate also it is not possible to get a pass without internals. Internal marks play a crucial role.

Paper Correction

problems in B-Tech

No one can tell how they will evaluate your paper if your time was bad then definitely you would fail if you wrote all the questions also if your time was good, you can get an A grade if you wrote a song or Bahubali story. If your presentation was good, it will help you to score a good grade if you don’t know the answer also it was not a problem if you know how to present the paper. At university faculty didn’t have the patience like our 10th teachers check the entire paper thoroughly just they see the presentation and some important things that they are expecting that’s it if u have these two you will get good grades.


problems in B-Tech

5 marks will be there for the assignment if you are overaction they will cancel the assignment for you they will schedule the seminar task for you, you need to present the seminar with ppt or chart that based on your faculty when you are presenting, they will wontedly try to tackle your presentation with the base less questions of be careful man.


This is the only place where the faculty show their entire power to you if you are performing well then it ok if you are trying to do any malpractice that’s it, they will confirm and play a game with you. They will show you the hell. I heard that one of the students caught in malpractice then he started requesting the faculty do you what was the reply he got from the faculty SING A SONG I WILL LEAVE YOU ha-ha very funny right the people who are in the exam hall for them it was very funny but the person who was facing the situation feel like hell.

These are all some of the ways to show you Hell.


Bur B-Tech is heaven if you enter into college then for sure you will feel.

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