5 Earnings methods in telegram

5 Earning methods in the telegram are somehow similar to the remaining social media platforms in some aspects we will see what are those aspects and we will see how can we earn money in telegram

What are the ways to earn money in the telegram?

Affiliate marketing

This is the easiest and the huge source of income in the telegram if you have the reach and the big circle

Now I will tell you how this will work and what are the ways to use this

I hope all of you know what is affiliate marketing. If anyone of you don’t know learn now

Affiliate marketing means nothing but if you are sharing any product link from the E-commerce websites if your friends anyone the product by clicking on the product link you shared you will get some commission from the E-commerce websites

Now we will see what E-commerce websites will give you the highest commissions


It is one of the largest E-commerce websites in the world now we will see how can we get a commission from the amazon

If you need to get the affiliate link from Amazon first you need to apply for the affiliate link from Amazon

To apply for the affiliate link there is a separate website that is owned by Amazon we need to apply from that website that website name is Amazon Associate. You need to apply for your affiliate link from the Amazon associate website

If you want to know how to apply for that there are a lot of videos on YouTube so you can go through all those videos once


Once upon a time, there was Affiliate for Flipkart also but now they stopped their Affiliate service I don’t know the reason why but don’t worry there are a lot of apps and websites that act as the mediator between you and Flipkart affiliates

If you want to know about those apps and the website I will do a separate blog on that what are websites and what are the apps how to use those and at what time we will get payment

How to connect those apps to the bots I will do a separate blog regarding all these aspects

Link shorteners

This is the major source of income for a lot of the people who are using the telegram

Now I will tell what are the shorteners that are providing money and how to use those shorteners

There are some shorteners we can connect those shorteners to the bot. The shorteners that have access to connect to the bot those shorteners are very easy to use

Terabox and Vivdisk are the only shorteners in the present phase that have the bot remaining all we need to short the link by uploading in the shortener

The link shorteners that I Know are

  1. Terabox
  2. Vivdisk
  3. pdisk
  4. crinolines
  5. xp short
  6. drop link
  7. profit links
  8. money case
  9. tulinks
  10. streams

These are some of the shorteners I know there are a lot of shorteners if you want a detailed explanation about every shortener regarding earnings and working we will discuss those things in another blog

Paid groups

I think no one will show much interest in joining the paid groups the group is really worth paying the money we can join the paid groups

Maximum adult content groups only have the maximum reach for the paid groups I think I don’t want to explain these paid groups more because I know you will understand what the content inside the paid groups

Now youth are addicted to adult content more so the link shorteners and the paid groups are running well

Youth also creates employment for others.

Paid promotions

It is the common earning way that we see in all other social media platforms if you promote their content you will get money

But in the telegram, it is the only way where you will get the less offers because no one is ready to spend their money on the promotions

They know no one will join our group because people will open the telegram only once a day they won’t be as active in the telegram as on Instagram so this is a waste of money

So this method has the least scope earning in the telegram

Through bots

If you are good at coding then you can create a bot that will make the work easier link bypass bot, forward bot, etc

If your bot is really cool and good then people are ready to buy your bot if the access is easy

But it is very tough to meet the expectations of every person so I think it is really very tough to create a bot but if you are a master in coding then definitely you can create a good bot

If you are willing to create a basic bot then you don’t need coding knowledge just basic computer knowledge is enough to create a basic bot

There are a lot of uses for bots and there are so many bots that are making our work easier.

I hope this blog will definitely help you to earn some pocket money.


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