How to improve Consistency

How to improve consistency for this we all have seen lot if video and we referred lot of books and we did all the things what we are aware of but there is no change

I hope definitely your opinion will change after the completion of reading the blog.

Let us start the blog with the defaults of why we are not consistent there are so many reasons in this blog we will discuss about the top major problems which are like the speed breaker for our consistency.


This is the one of the top most main reason why we are no consistency in any work let imagine the early morning scenario we will think about the lot of things at the night just before the sleep

At that time we will definitely fix we are going to start the workout from the morning the next day you will start just you will do for 2 days after that you will feel like it is a burden to you

No one will dare to come out of their comfort zone right the same scenario happening here we are not ready to wake .


There are so many distraction in our life those are based on the work that what you are trying to do now let take study in this topic here the two main  distractions are



As per my knowledge these two are the major distraction we are facing at our student age right

Now I will tell you how to overcome those two distraction


How to avoid phone first think why we are using mobile really we have any work or else just for the fun purpose

Turnoff all the app notifications when the internet is required for your study definitely this will help you to get out of the distraction.

Try to maintain the more friction with the apps frictions means nothing but put the apps which you are using mostly in the folder which is tough to go there and open the definitely it will give you some time to think why we are opening the app.


Tell the exact situation of yours to your friends if they didn’t understand we have somany ways to get rid of them from that situation

Try to discuss at which concept or the scenario which makes them anger or moody try to recall those situations then definitely they will try to move away from them

Or else try to bring your friends into trance if there are not that much enough means there is only the one last final way that is tell them get out from my place with showing any mercy towards them

Don’t worry what they will think whether they will talk to me from tomorrow onwards or not definitely a true friend understand you

Time Management

This is the main part In our not only for the distraction for so many things this is the very important now here we will see how it is important in distraction

We will skip some works when we are engaged with the some other works right to mange those collisions time management is very important

To understand for you i will take a real example and try to explain you clearly

Ok let take collage project and the gym when are strucked in the project you can’t attend the gym right when you are doing the project just try to poke yourself we have the gym at that time

Otherwise keep a deadline time to finish the project so you can be able to attend the gym on time .

Time management is very very important in distraction

Don’t follow the girls just be consistent towards your work if you are doing your work well they will be consistent in following you.


Control Emotions

Don’t be like fool in the emotions if I didn’t go there my lover will get angry and bla bla first think that weather it is really important to me to go there

Just question yourself and remember once if you really went there what the daily schedule you are going to miss .Ask yourself which is really more important to  me definitely your answer will be my lover but more than her your daily schedule is very important to you more than anyone else in the world

You need to take care of yourself right no one will come and motivate you everyone will be there in your surroundings to break your consistency and the daily schedule so try to be confident at what the decision you are stand by.

I Think you all heard all these things already but also there is no change in you trust me then no motivation video or book going to change you until you motivate yourself

You are the best motivator to self so confident and be brave when you are taking the desicions

I hope this blog helps you to make think that what you are doing ..




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