Working of Link shortner

In the previous blog, we have already seen the basics of the link shortener in this blog. We will see the working and the earnings of the link shorteners respectively.

First, we will see the common working of the shorteners.


It will act like an onion to reach the main link we need to cross the main layers original link is covered with so many blogs why only with blogs why not with others we will see it later.

Based on the layers your income will be there. Some shorteners will work on the app we do not need to cross many layers in to reach the required one just we will directly reach the app.

There are only two types of methods in link shorteners they are

  1. Blogs based shortener
  2. App-based shortener

First, we will see about the app base shortener

Apps based shortener


It become popular in recent times per my knowledge Pdisk is the first app-based shortener at that time we were using the Play It apps for the usage of the Pdisk links

We all know how much people use the Play It app in the past everyone used the app

Later it was closed for some reasons


After the end of the Pdisk era then the Mdisk entered into the field the access of Mdisk is very easy when we compare it with the Pdisk

Mdisk is the official shortener of the MX Player so everyone thought that it was the trusted one it also paid money on a date but the earnings were very low

For 1k views it will pay only 0.9 dollars so the earnings were very low for this but there was no alternative so everyone used this.

Blog based shorteners

Some so many blog-based shorteners people are getting AdSense approval from Google they are doing the link shorteners

I don’t know how they are doing all these things but that was the sad reality

The people who are doing the SEM are becoming fools with this loophole


The main loophole in this is that Google will pay the money when the audience clicks on the add

So they created the blog like if you click on the add only it will reach the next page other it won’t

This is the main loophole in this. I know only this loophole in this if I know anything later I will add it to the blog

If we start knowing about the blog shorteners there are a lot of shorteners. So, we will see some of those which I know and which I used

1. Xdisk

This is the first shortener which I used but the access for this is very easy when we compared it to the others.

I mean access is easy for the subscribers not for us they can easily reach the video without any blogs instead of blogs they got Ad Sense approval for their website.

If we need to upload the video this means it is a little bit tough when we compare it to the others because in the remaining we can upload the links directly but here we need to upload the video links that also can be converted

But the importance is more for videos

This website has the best upload speed which I have seen.

For the 1k plays, it will give 1.2dollars I think


This is also known as XPSHORTNER because we will see only this when you see the links uploaded by the channels maximum all are mega links because in this there is no option for direct video uploads

We need to upload the link the any cloud storage and then we need to copy that storage link later we need to cover that with the shortener this is the process of how we need to use this.

And the earnings differ from country to country in every shortener India has the lowest dollars because of the population in India

Earnings are called CPM in the shortener’s view based that only you will get the income

Now the present CPM for this is 5dollar for 1k views in the past $6.5.

3. Adrinolinks

This link shortener was developed by a YouTuber.

The opening process is very easy but the only problem with this is tabs it has 4 interfaces I mean 4 redirect pages but the opening process is very easy.

It is more trustworthy because we know who the owner is and from where he is just we know a little bit about him when we compare it to the other we can see all the social media accounts.

I don’t know about the earnings in this because I didn’t use it for a long time.

If you want to know the earning details you can google it.

4. Mdiskpro

This is the major website that changed the link shortener style totally because before this to open a link would take nearly 40-50 seconds.

But in this only 10-15 seconds I don’t know how they will earn money with this short interface. This feature created a lot of impact on this platform.

Everyone started using this no one is using any other one. All are using only this because it also gives the payments very fast.

I don’t know the reasons suddenly it was stopped.

It is also called the omega links most people know only this name.

The CPM for this is $5 for 1k views

5. Droplinks

This is the oldest link shortener which stands for the long without any huddles all the shorteners will close their website when they have seen a lot of money or If they don’t have sufficient funds.

But this one is not like the remaining still some large pages are using this for stability but the only problem with this is the opening process.

You will see the hell in opening this it was a very tough task to open this.

The CPM for this is $5 for 1k views.


This is all about how the shorteners work and the earnings of the shorteners.

Still, there are a lot of shorteners if we want to discuss all the shorteners this blog will become a Ramayana so I thought it would be better to discuss any 5.

If you need data about all the shorteners I will do so if you comment below




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