How seniors are influencing juniors in BTech

How seniors are influencing juniors in BTech

How to gain Confidence to talk with a Girl

      How to gain Confidence to talk with a Girl


I’m writing what I have seen personally which I have some experience with seniors, I don’t whether it will be the same in all the collages or not but as per my research maximum all the Universities are like this only. After seeing the heading you will doubt whether is it true or not just i will tell some story after reading the story and comment on whether is it suitable or not.

How they are influencing sports

How to gain Confidence to talk with a Girl
Sports with Seniors


We all know that there will be a team for the University in every respective sport and game now we will see how they are influencing this

if you are studying at a Deemed University or an Autonomous Institute there will be no coach for every game only a PET sir will be there will teach all the games. But he didn’t teach he will concentrate on only one sport remaining all the sports are controlled by the seniors the they will only select you for the University team also you don’t need any skills if you have a good friendship with the seniors it is enough.

Do you what the reasons they will tell you didn’t have enough money to participate in this game I didn’t until they told me more than skills body is very important.

The shock is PET sir blindly obeys the senior’s words if they were told him he was better than him sir without any test they would blindly select them.


How they are influencing fights

How to gain Confidence to talk with a Girl
Fighting with seniors


It becomes a tradition as we see in the movies the juniors will fight with seniors they will insult seniors and they will scold seniors if the seniors try to catch them they will approach the seniors who in 4th year.

Any fight that happens on campus reaches seniors’ rooms comprising a lot of passed-out seniors also still staying on campus I think that is the main reason why fights happen frequently.

The Juniors are very confident beside us there are a lot of seniors if we do anything they will support us so we can do anything.

In this mindset, all the juniors behave like they can do anything.


How they are influencing Love Matters

Helping of seniors in love matter
Helping of seniors in love matter

The seniors wontedly influence juniors like making love with their classmates that feeling is like heaven you will feel it when you start making love.

Through this, they will guide juniors and they will make juniors love the seniors and try to connect with the junior’s friends in this way they will trap the juniors.

This means seniors have some power on the campus new chicks who just entered the campus will see that power and will think he is the God Father of this campus if we love him then everyone will respect us new chicks will think like this only.

I have if you are on campus there will be a lot of security for girls if you are doing good and well everyone will respect you I don’t know how the news is missing this small logic all falling into the senior’s trap.

If you have any ideas comment…….


How they are influencing Celebrations

How to gain Confidence to talk with a Girl
Parties with Seniors


On every campus celebrations are common for every festival right celebrations mean all the juniors and seniors start vibing at the same place right when we are dancing or vibing we don’t how we are dancing we will be out of control, right?

At that time if your hand touches any seniors that’s enough a big war atmosphere will occur at that place they will fight like it is a vengeance war.

Juniors will observe all the things that I shared with you and they will repeat all those things same as the seniors.

If our seniors treat us well they will treat our juniors well right.

They will guide only thing fight for your honor and respect.

This is the only thing that they will guide Us.

I’m telling you all will be like this but most of the seniors on every campus will be like this only.







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