How can we hide identity in telegram?

In every app we can hide our identity but why telegram is different among them?

Definitely, telegram is different because, in the remaining apps if you do a scam or if others want to know your identity there are many loopholes to finding your identity but in Telegram, they can’t find your identity that’s the beauty in Telegram

Now we will see how can we hide our identity

Hide your number

In telegram and whatsapp we will use the mobile number to create the account but in the whatsapp we can’t hide our number here we can decide who can see your number if they want to send a message to you means you do need to give your number to them

Just create an ID and send that ID to them it is enough for them to send a message to you

The feature Definitely, this feature is definitely going to be in the app also

Decide who can call you

In the remaining apps this feature won’t be available you can chat with them but they can’t call you this is one of the best features in Telegram which is more used by girls.

You can add the exceptions for your close friends they can call you but the remaining can’t

Now I guide you on how to set this setting

1. Go to the settings

2. Click on privacy and security

3. Select the option calls

If you go to that interface then automatically you understand everything you can do yourself

How to chat with others using a bot?

If you are running a telegram channel or group then there are a lot of followers who are facing some problems and they definitely try to contact you. With knowing your identity you can chat with them using a bot

Go to the bot father and create your own bot if you want to know how to create your own bot to chat with the followers there are a lot of videos on YouTube you can get the knowledge by watching those videos

The advantage of the channel is we can send the message in the channel in the name of the channel but in the group, it was totally different.


I think a doubt would arise in your mind if there is a channel to create then why do we need to create the group?

If a channel gets banned you cant create another channel with your number so definitely you need to create a group

How can we hide our identity in the group?

The group is not like the channel. Channel has so many advantages but the group has very less but no problem we have so many bots to clear all those problems now here I will tell how to hide identity in the group

If you send a message to the group definitely they will know your ID to avoid that there is a setting in the group itself to hide your identity now I will tell you the steps to access this feature

1. click on the group name

2. Click on the pencil icon

3. Click on the Administrators

4. Click on the Admin name

5. Then at last there will be an option Remain Anonymous on that button

That’s it no one can find who was the admin of the group

There are a lot of problems in the group I will do a separate blog regarding the problems and how we can resolve those by using the bots.

If you are the admin of the group only you can hide your identity otherwise you can’t.

You Can Hide the sender’s name in telegram

If you are forwarding a message to one of your friends from the group but are willing to hide the information from where you got the data.

Then follow these steps.

1. Select the message from the group.

2. Click on the contact to whom you are going to share the data.

3. Now click on the forward symbol which is just the top of the typing area.

4. Then you can see the option to hide the user name.

5. That’s it you can hide the sender’s name.

You can start the secret chat in telegram

In this secret chat, you can fix the automatic message delete time. The user can’t take a screenshot of the chat.

After the chat then automatically the chat will be deleted. This is the secure chat if you are willing to do any of the personal or secret chats.

These features are only available in the telegram only may be in the feature it will also be available in the What’s App also

I think this information will help you solve some of your problems

If you are facing any problems comment in the comment section we will try to do a separate blog regarding that



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