Types of scams in Telegram

Types of scams in Telegram

Types of scams in Telegram
Scams in telegram


In the previous blog itself, I told you that a lot of scams will occur in the telegram. Now we will see that what are the types of scams in telegram and how they trap the people in the scam in detail. I hope this blog will definitely be useful for you.

Call girl scams 

As we all know the main weakness for men is girls now a scammers are using that weakness as their strength.

If you search call girls in the telegram definitely you will found a lot of groups and channels. If you enter the in-group just you will see a message that says, ” Click on the profile you will get the link “. It is true if you click on the profile you will get the ID of the person. If you message that ID then they send their portfolio what are the services they have and in what places they are providing services, you will get all the details from them.

But don’t forget to see the end at last. You will see a message to book a girl. You need to pay advance money here is the trap point.

Definitely, first, you will get the doubt but they will send some fake proofs and girls’ pics, after seeing the girl’s pics you will fall into the trap.

After paying the money definitely, they will block you without any mercy.

Deals Scam in Telegram

Types of scams in Telegram
Deals Scam


If you are a frequent user of the telegram then definitely you have seen that we are giving the iPhone 15 pro max which costs more than 1L. They will say just like we are just giving it for 30k, no need to pay the money before, after receiving the product pay the money.

Like this, they will upload in their group with proofs to create trust. If you see the subscribers in the group it also shows 500k, 1M like this. After that you confidently believe that it was true, not a scam then you will try to contact the admin.

After contacting admin he will ask for some money to place the order like 2k I think so. If you pay that money that’s it, you are trapped. If you are questioning how you got these phones at this low price then they will reply actually we got this phone directly from the ships bla-bla they will tell you a fictional story.

So think once before you pay money.

N*de video call scams

Types of scams in Telegram
N*de calls scam


This is the main scam where most people are trapped. I hope a maximum of people know about this scam but the people who don’t know about this read carefully.

They will set an attractive DP by seeing the DP itself we can understand that they are the service girls. We send a message then they send their portfolio.

After seeing that you will ask them what is the proof and how can believe you, then they will send a voice message then you will get confirmation without thinking anything. You will pay money that’s it you lose your money.

They are really girls only but they are doing this only for the money. The majority of the boys select this way to earn money easily.

So Be Careful

Betting Scams in Telegram

Types of scams in Telegram
Betting Scams


In this scam, you don’t know that you got scammed until you lose everything.

Let me tell you how they will trap you. Actually, we are using telegram just for the movies so they will target that audience they will do the promotion in the movie channels like Free Team, etc.

Definitely, most people will join in that because it is free we don’t want to pay any money they will also give the free team and free predictions for same days if you are addicted to that means or else if you start trusting him means then he will say from now onwards if you need team or prediction you need to pay money.

To Build trust they will give the free teams at the starting. In this running world, no one can give anything for free remember that.

Save your lives from betting.



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