How can we use telegram?

Nowadays maximum people are using social media platforms to earn money . We all have seen that on Instagram a lot of people are doing reels and getting fame. Whatever the reason for starting reels, finally you will stop at one point that is money. You all know that how can we earn money from YouTube, Instagram. Now we will see how can we use telegram to earn money. It creates a buzz in these days and many people are using it for many purposes.


Why movies uploaded in telegram?

We all use telegram right but for only one purpose that is movies right. Have you ever thought about this to make a movie producers are spending a lot of money but why the peoples are uploading in it? we all know that producers will take a serious against piracy but why they can’t do anything telegram? People are not mad to give you a free service remember that if they are doing a work means definitely there will be a master plan behind that.

Now I’m going to tell you why they are uploading movies. We all do the work in our lives only for money right they are also uploading the movies only for money.

How can we generate money?

I know you are all thinking about how can they generate money by uploading movies. Have you ever noticed that they will upload the movies in the link form when you open the link a lot of ads will come, did you face this situation? Those ad owners will pay money to the platform owner and the platform owner pays the money to the people who are uploading the movie if you want to know how to earn money as like them and what are those platforms kindly comment I want to know.

How can we go shopping?

How can we do shopping in Telegram, anyone have an idea for shopping there are a lot of apps like Amazon, Ajio, Flipkart, etc. then how can we do shopping in it…??

Here is the answer for you….!!!

We all have seen that in YouTube channels or in Instagram reels they will unbox a gadget and they will tell us, this gadget link is pinned in our telegram channel check it out. whereas other some channels decode the celebrity out-fit and they will make it as budget shopping and they will pin all the links in their telegram channel. Why they are doing like this, what they will gain?

Everything is for money. They are doing affiliate marketing, in the future it’s going to dominate all the shopping websites and apps.

Why only telegram?

There are a lot of options like Facebook groups, Instagram channels, etc. but why a lot of people prefer the telegram

Here the some of the reasons

1. Telegram is the most secure app.

2. Access is very easy.

3. We can’t find the admin.

4. We can hide our identity.

5. Channels won’t ban.

6.No one accesses your data.

7. Because of Bots.

Bots are the main reason why a lot of people are using the telegram.

Is telegram safe for girls?

Definitely, it is damn safe for girls when you compare it to the other apps. It is the most secure you can set the setting for who can call you and who can see your number like this a lot of features are there in it. Girls can survive easily in telegram without any fear.

More on scams in telegram?

Nowadays we are living in a modern society where your knowledge is your power. So definitely scams will happen in every app, but it is more in Telegram. There are a lot of scammers in telegram. I won’t believe they are doing a scam because just they are making us fools. They make fools only the people who are greedy. There will be a channel they will tell us iPhone 15 pro max only for 20k, the people who are greedy definitely they will fall into the trap.

Think once why they will give that much costly mobile to a cheap price just think once they are not your relatives or friends to make favor for you as an unknown person. This is the one type of scam in telegrams that later we will discuss more scams what are happening in telegrams.

Can we earn 2lakhs per month from telegram?

Definitely, I can say yes because a lot of people earn more than 5L per month from Telegram. There are a lot of ways in Telegram to earn money, but people only use Telegram as a chatting app or the movies because no one doesn’t know how to use it properly. Based on your network you can earn money. Telegram is the key app for a lot of apps and websites, did you know Telegram is the only app where a lot of people earn their money.

Telegram is the only place where all platform people gather under one roof.

People from Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook all will gather in a place Telegram.

Thank you.





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