How to gain Confidence to talk with a Girl

How to gain confidence to talk with a Girl

I think you have seen a lot of YouTube videos and you have read a lot of articles and books to gain the confidence to talk with a girl after all those trials also you are here means you didn’t get the exact answer to what you are searching for. I’m not sure whether this blog will help you are not but you will gain at least 10% confidence.

Over Come Shyness

If you are feeling shy, it is not your mistake, the surroundings where you grew up were like that. Our surrounding atmosphere was the main reason for our shyness. To tell frankly don’t be shy but you have fear of what others think and how the girl will receive our approach your mind is filled with these types of thoughts right?

Let me tell you a small story

You won’t get this story from any book or article or blog this is my story my experience of how I overcame my shyness I will tell you all those things in this story

My friends call me KAPPA  you know why that talkative guy I’m only with boys, not girls i love to share my thoughts and memories with my friends but they don’t have time to hear my stories and all if I’m a girl be all the boys will be in a queue to hear my stories. At that time I decided from today onwards we need to make friends with girls also. For that I have a plan in every class there is a guy who always talks with girls we need to approach that guy first.

First, we need to identify how he was talking to girls and what response he got back from the girls. I observed all those things carefully but also i didn’t gain confidence I don’t know what the reason is. At that time daily I  practiced in front of the mirror when I was talking to the mirror I felt like we had good enough confidence now we could easily talk to girls I entered the class with the same confidence the following day but when I saw the girls my confidence will get tackled by my brain. To figure out the reason I tried many ways but nothing worked. Finally, I found the reason


The reason is the appearance I felt that I was not that worthy of talking with beautiful girls. My mind always remains you are not worth not worthy.

Just ask yourself Does beauty need to interact with a girl?

Not trust me my friend how you are willing to talk with girls like you they are humans and they also have feelings but they have egos so they won’t talk first and their count was also very low when we compared to boys so definitely, they will have that ego right.

If you are looks are not good means you will get thoughts like when you try to interact with them they will feel uncomfortable or won’t show much interest in interacting with you.

Just Beauty or appearance doesn’t decide you what you are do you know one thing lot of girls will fall in love not with handsome guys who can create trust in the girls. To create trust first you need to interact with them.

Rule To be Followed When Interacting with Girls 

1. Don’t hide your Identity

2.  Don’t overthink the reply

3. Don’t feel tense when they are passing in front of you

4. Try to make Eye contact

5. Don’t Bother About your Appearance


Every girl will like you at some moment. Everyone gets some positive feeling about someone at some moment this is the real Truth. To gain Confidence first stop Masturbation.

Make EYE Contact

This is the first thing you need to do when you met girls if you are not making eye contact then they can easily figure out that you are unfit, so don’t give that chance to others always make eye contact you can say If we make eye contact they will think something else they will feel uncomfortable bull shit all are fake words if you not making eye contact with them they will feel like we have some disability so he was not willing to see me they will think in this manner only so always try to make eye contact with others it will give some confidence to you to proceed for the further things.

Don’t be needy

You are the one who has all the qualities to talk with a girl so maintain so attitude like girls. They also have feelings like I need to talk to him he looks so cute all the feelings they have but they hide all the feelings and show attitude, learn some of the good qualities from them which will help them to succeed in getting the attention from others.


Don’t show too much attitude like girls.

Still, if You have any problems feel free to share them with us in our comment section


Thank you.





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